Terms of Sale

Please note, by accessing and registering with the KatKabin site, you agree to be bound by the following Terms & Conditions of KatKabin Ltd:
1.  Shipping & Handling (UK Mainland)

1.1 KatKabin will predominantly use elected couriers or Royal Mail as their preferred handler of all items dispatched.

1.3  Upon collection by couriers or dispatch with Royal Mail, KatKabin shall assume no further liability for the items to be delivered.

1.4  KatKabin shall hold no liability whatsoever and/or howsoever for goods delayed, lost or damaged in transit. The responsibility for the handling, carriage and delivery of items shall be that of Royal Mail or any other elected courier. As such, all claims for items following collection and/or dispatch must be made independently against Royal Mail or the said the third party handler.

1.5  Notwithstanding clause 1.4, should You (“the customer”) elect to have your item(s) delivered via Recorded Signed for, Special Delivery or Guaranteed next day Delivery and the items are lost or damaged by Royal Mail, We (“KatKabin”) shall replace your items, once they are either returned to us, or confirmation of the item(s) as being lost is received by KatKabin from the handler. In all cases no refunds for lost items will be given until 15 days after your item/s have been dispatched.

1.6  KatKabin will not replace lost or damaged items if it is found that a signature has been obtained by Royal Mail and/or the elected third party confirming delivery of the parcel. The signature obtained need not be that of the purchaser.

1.8  You may, at your discretion, have your items delivered to another address. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that any details you provide to us are correct and in accordance with the Royal Mail’s address data base. We shall not be held responsible for items that are undelivered.

1.9  For further information on shipping and handling, please refer to our delivery page.

2.  Shipping & Handling (Overseas Orders).

2.1  Clauses 1.1 to 1.4 shall strictly apply.

2.2  Prior to notifying KatKabin of any undelivered items, You agree to make all thorough enquiries as to the whereabouts of goods and parcels with your respective customs office and/or Mail Service Provider and/or courier.

2.3  Claims for lost or damaged items abroad shall only be investigated and/or replaced by KatKabin where You have elected Airsure or International Signed For as your method of delivery and We have either received confirmation that the items are lost or the items have been returned to us by the Mail Service Provider.

2.4  KatKabin will not replace lost or damaged items if it is found that a signature has been obtained by your Mail Service Provider and/or the elected third party confirming delivery of the parcel. The signature obtained need not be that of the purchaser.

2.5  You may, at your discretion, have your items delivered to another address. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that any details you provide to us are correct and in accordance with the Royal Mail’s address data base. We shall not be held responsible for items that are undelivered.

2.6  We cannot be held responsible for any charges/tariffs or customs restrictions that apply in countries outside the United Kingdom. We strongly recommend that you to speak to your customs office with any questions regarding any additional costs your order might incur.

It is your responsibility to check with your Customs office to see if your country permits the shipment of our products into your country.

If for any reason your order is seized by your country’s customs officials, then we will NOT issue you a refund. If your products are returned to us in their original condition, then we will issue you with a refund, minus any shipping charges you have paid, plus any additional charges that we may incur in having your order returned to us by your country’s customs officials. Please note that you are still responsible should you refuse to, or abandon a shipment at Customs. This includes all costs of the shipment, (both shipping charges and customs charges) and the costs of the items you have purchased. We highly recommend that you look into your country’s importing regulations prior to placing your order.

2.7  For further information, on shipping & handling, please refer to our deliveries page.

3.  General Stock & Specially Request Items

3.1  Items displayed for sale are generally in stock at the time of purchase. However in the event that they are not, KatKabin shall notify you, via email, and endeavour to obtain any items advertised which are out of stock at the time of purchase, within 5 working days.

3.2  You are entitled to withhold payment on the items which are out of stock only, until such time as the goods have been ordered byKatKabin. You will be notified via email of order confirmation, at such time, payment will fall due.

3.3  Should KatKabinbe unable to obtain the item(s) which are out of stock, You shall be notified via email, and a refund issued for the said items only in the event that you have made payment. This refund shall be sent within 3 working days of notification that KatKabin cannot obtain the item.

3.4  KatKabin may accept requests for items and/or products which are not currently stocked, however reserves the right to refuse such requests at their discretion. In the event of such a request, You will be required to place a fifty percent deposit on the balance of the goods.
3.4.1  In the event that the specially requested items are out of stock or become unobtainable, you shall be notified via email and a refund of your deposit shall be issued within 3 working days of same.
3.5  All shipping and handling terms and conditions above shall apply to orders which are either specially requested or out of stock.

4.  Privacy Policy:

4.1  When registering with KatKabin it is our policy to retain certain details which you have provided to us. This will encompass your name, address, contact number, email address and any other information you should wish to provide. The details required may be found on the Registration Document which must be completed prior to shopping with KatKabin.

4.2  Such information is held in order for us to keep a record of our order history and your order history may be reviewed by us from time to time.

4.3  The information provided may also be used by KatKabin to keep you updated on our latest products and offers. You should note that you have the right to opt out of such updates.

4.4  Your information will NOT, (unless expressed consent is given in extenuating circumstances) be passed to any other companies and will be retained for our records only. Only addresses, names and preferred contact numbers may be disclosed to Royal Mail or the elected third party carriage and/or collection company in order to complete your delivery. The only exception to this is that In the event that we sell or buy any business or assets, we may disclose your personal data to the seller or buyer of such business or assets.

4.5  Credit and/or Debit card details together with any other financial information will not be retained by KatKabinfor any purposes whatsoever.

5.  Copyright & Trademarks, Conditions of Website Use

5.1  All website design, animations, graphics, photographic images, text, the assortment and arrangement thereof, and all other material on this Web site are copyright KatKabin. All other underlying source code and software are the right of their respective owners.

6. All Rights Reserved

6.1  Any use of any materials on this web site, including reproduction, modification, distribution and/or re-publication, (list not exhaustive) regardless of the format or justification is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of KatKabin.

7.  Trademarks

7.1  Other product and company names mentioned on this website may be the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. These Trademarks are used by KatKabin in accordance with the Laws & Statutes governing Intellectual Property Rights in England & Wales.

8.  Contract Formation (to be Governed by the Laws of England & Wales)

8.1  The exacting steps required to create the contract between You and KatKabin are outlined below:

8.1.1  You place an order for your desired items on the KatKabin website by completing the check-out process.

8.1.2  You will be sent an order confirmation email. This does not constitute acceptance from KatKabin.

8.1.3  Once your product is dispatched, We will send you a confirmation email stating that your order has been dispatched.

8.1.4  Order acceptance and the completion of the contract between You and KatKabin will take place only once the items have been dispatched to you. This is subject only to when we have notified you that we do not accept your order or you have cancelled it in the first instance.

9.  Right to Refusal of Transactions

9.1  KatKabin reserves the right to refuse orders, funds and/or cancel transactions at their own discretion.

9.2  As guidance, Orders, Funds and/or Transactions may be refused if products are out of stock or unavailable, your payment/order cannot be authorised, in the event of a product/offer/sale description error etc (list not exhaustive).

9.3  KatKabin nor any of its affiliates, employees or other representatives shall not be liable or accept any responsibility whatsoever to any persons for any losses incurred as a result of a transaction refusal. This is applies to all damages of any kind, including (without limitation) compensatory, direct, indirect or consequential damages, loss of data, income or profit, loss of or damage to property, pets, and claims of third parties.

9.4  KatKabin reserves the right to cancel, refuse, unwind or refund any transaction at their discretion at any time.

9.5  We reserve the right to refuse and/or cancel such transactions whereby it is deemed, at our absolute discretion, to be necessary for the removal and/or editing of any of our site material, imagery or content without liability or consequence to You and/or any third party.

10.  Returns

When returning an item for any reason, please email us in the first instance at: info@katkabin.co.uk  where we will issue you with a returns code and details as to how and where your item(s) should be returned. This will enable us to process your return as quickly as possible.

Faulty items.
If your item(s) or part of your order is faulty or defective; Or alternatively, if there has been an error on our behalf, we will refund you the cost of return up to the maximum amount which was originally paid when you placed your order. Please note that we will not refund any packaging or service costs in connection with your return and we also reserve the right to withhold payments and/or refuse refunds in cases where product(s) have been misused and/or accidentally or deliberately damaged/broken on your behalf.

Change of Heart.
If you have had a change of heart please contact us within 14 days of receiving your goods.  We are happy to refund you provided that the item(s) is/are returned to us in the same brand new, unused, and re-saleable condition it was when we sent it to you within 30 days. This must also include any packaging/instructions or material that was included at the time of purchase. We recommend that all items returned to us to be sent Royal Mail Special Delivery with insurance paid as a minimum or collection can be arranged. If received in the above mentioned condition then we will happily issue you with a full refund excluding any shipping and/or third party charges i.e. bank/transaction/refund charges which will be your responsibility. We reserve the right to refuse a refund in full or in part and the product may even be returned to you in circumstances whereby there has been a breach of any of the Terms, Conditions and rules of this site. The decision as to whether or not a refund shall be issued shall be at the sole discretion of KatKabin.

European Union and Distance Selling Regulations (DSRs)
The above mentioned rules for returning still apply in all instances.

Customers within the European Union who cancel their order/contract within 7 days of receipt of their purchase will be fully refunded provided that the entire order is returned to us. We will not refund any delivery charge if only part of your order is returned.

Clause 2.5 of our terms and conditions will apply in all instances.

If we have to collect an item/order from you then we reserve the right to recover from you any delivery/third party costs incurred by way of deducting them from your overall refund.

We will not in any circumstance issue a refund before we have received your return.

It is your sole responsibility when returning an item to us. Please ensure that it is packaged correctly to avoid any damage in transit. It is paramount that you obtain proof of postage.

KatKabin does not provide a free returns service.

11.  Disclaimer

KatKabin expressly disclaims and strictly enforces its limitations on liability to the fullest extent as permitted by law against any losses or damage (including, though not limited to, direct, indirect, third party losses, losses of income or profit, losses of data and/or damage to property) incurred through the use of its site or products. KatKabin does not make any representations nor does it give any warranties and/or validities of any kind, whether expressed or implied in relation to any of its site content, in particular to include  (though not an exhaustive list) item descriptive narrative, photographic imagery and the merchantability of goods and/or their fitness for purpose, whatsoever. All claims in relation to the latter should be taken up with the respective manufacturers of the items in question. KatKabin puts you on notice that it shall not be held liable or responsible for, nor does it hold itself out as validating that Information, imagery and all other site content is current, up-to-date, accurate and/or complete. Information, Imagery and all other site content, including prices and other various charges are subject to change without prior notification. KatKabinin no way endorses, is affiliated with or holds any responsibility for the content of any sites to which it holds links. Any links posted upon theKatKabin site shall be done so as a gesture of goodwill only.